Fear Feels Bigger

I don’t have an emotional revelation or witty anecdote for this post. I sat down to write after a long day and I realized I have nothing to say. I have a long list of topic ideas, but none of them feel right tonight. I normally sit down and a story seems to flow out of my finger tips. I got nothin’ tonight, but I made a commitment to post once a week and I am not one to give up on commitments easily.

I have been struggling with fears and decisions lately. I have been praying a lot about a couple of things the last two weeks. The good news is, I believe God has sent me some answers to those prayers. The bad news is, I don’t particularly like the answers He has given. I have tried to interpret those answers in a different way and make them fit into the plan I have for myself and pretend that is what God clearly meant. But It doesn’t work that way.

Maybe my lack of inspiration tonight comes from the fact that I have been resisting God this week. I have been resisting the things I think He wants me to do and I feel like that has put some distance in the relationship we have been working on. I want to follow where He leads, but right now, in this moment, I have let my fear of the unknown take control. Right now, as Finding Favor puts it, my fear feels bigger than my faith. So I leave you with the song that spoke to me and my fears this week. I pray that I can let go and truly learn to cast my cares on Him.


3 thoughts on “Fear Feels Bigger

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